Essential Fluids Lubricate Car Systems

  • nicole 

Changing your car’s fluids is a vital aspect of maintaining the vehicle for the long-term. After all, the car can’t function without the engine, steering, and transmission. It’s best to change fluids regularly to ensure a smooth, uneventful ride. Here are a few tips on changing the fluids your car needs.

Your vehicle will have a specific power steering fluid that’s best to use to keep your steering easy and effortless. Just look for the engine’s dipstick and check the reservoir. If you have trouble steering, check the fluid level. Some modern cars don‘t use fluid at all. Instead, the steering is electric.

Of course, you need oil to keep the engine running smoothly. Checking the oil is a similar process. Just search for the oil dipstick. Pull it out to check if the oil level is normal. Pour oil into the container which holds your engine’s oil, if you need it. If the oil is dark or murky looking, it’s probably time to change the oil or have an expert change it.

Transmission fluid cools valves, gears, and other components in the engine. The fluid should last for the life of your car. However, if you’re having trouble shifting gears, contact a professional to check it out.

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