Four Car Technologies for Easier Driving

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Consumers buy cars loaded with amenities. An average driver spends more than 12000 hours a year in an automobile. It’s the extras which give drivers and passengers comfort and safety on the road. Some technologies have been around for a while, but the convenience and functionality make car buyers seek out these gadgets in modern automobiles.

Cadillac introduced the first heated seats in 1966. The Fleetwood car set the standard for this luxury feature which keeps bottoms warm in the winter. A heating element runs through the seat’s material. Electricity heats the seat, as it runs through the heating element. It’s an upgrade from initial technology that used carbon pads to heat the seats. While the technology feels good, some believe it may reduce male fertility. These warnings don’t stop sales, because consumers crave the comfort of heated seats.

Cameras and sensors have spoiled drivers who no longer have to worry about bumping into a barrier behind the car. As of 2018, all economy vehicles must include a rear-view camera. It’s an excellent amenity to have when trying to parallel park in a small space. Some manufacturers offer higher visibility with 360-degree viewing. Entry-level to luxury cars are making driving a breeze, by providing extra visibility where drivers need it most.

An electronic key fob is convenient and easy to use. It allows for easy access to the vehicle. Just push the button to lock and unlock from within range. New technologies even will enable the car to sense the fob is within proximity, automatically opening the vehicle when in range. It’s a handy feature when you’re carrying groceries, picnic items, or other items, and your hands are full. Key-less ignition is another benefit of the fob. Just press the start button, you’re on your way.

Keep your hands on the wheel and multi-task with voice recognition technology. It allows drivers to read or draft text messages, ask directions, request information about nearby landmarks, or play songs. All the while a driver is speaking to the car, his eyes are on the road. It a deterrent for distracted driving. Plus, you still get to do all the things you’d like to accomplish, while still maintaining your safe driving record.

As technologies continue to progress, car manufacturers are looking for new and better ways to give consumers comfort and convenience. New applications are making the time that we spend in the car worth every mile.

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