Four Easy Steps for Auto Detailing

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Washing your car is a constant ritual. If you haven’t gone to the car wash in a while, your car may require detailing to get rid of the dust, dirt, and crud build up. Take it to a professional or do it yourself. With a little elbow grease and some cleaning tools, your auto will sparkle. Follow these five easy steps to clean and refresh every inch of your vehicle.


Vacuuming the corners in your vehicle is not enough. In the corners and cracks of a dirty car, you’ll find coins, pens, and other tiny items which a vacuum may not pick up. A wooden skewer will help you poke into hard to reach places. Wipe those areas with a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner.

Cup Holders

Cup holders can hold dirt, dust, liquid spills, and more. First, clear out the larger items. Place cotton cloth, paper towel, or old sock in the cup. Cover it with cleaner and twist it around the cup holder. You can also use wooden skewers here to scrape away crud in the edges of the holder. Consider buying rubber liners at your local auto parts store which you can easily install and remove to clean.


To clean the fabrics thoroughly, you’ll need to use an aerosol spray or a machine which can lift dirt and stains from carpet and cloth. Carpet cleaners are available at home stores.


If it’s hot, wash the car exterior out of the sunlight to protect the finish. Use mild soap and fresh water to wash the car from top to bottom. The lower part of the vehicle may have hard-surface grit which can damage the paint if you wash the bottom first.

Pay attention to every inch of your car while detailing. Take your time to ensure that you remove all dirt and dust so that the car is perfectly restored and cleaned. Pay special attention to the wheels. Clean and shiny tyres are an essential aspect of the detailing experience.

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