Guide to Buying a Car When You Have Osteoarthritis

Driving a car can be uncomfortable for people with osteoarthritis. That is why it is advisable for those with the condition to do due diligence when choosing a vehicle to ensure that they do not aggravate their symptoms. Some of the tips for getting “arthritis-friendly” cars are as follows.

Opt for Easy Navigation

Features such as a lightweight door, replacement of key with button ignition, and adjustable seats make driving much more comfortable. It is even better when there is voice control so that you do not have to keep stretching or moving your muscles when they are stiff. Remember that having easy navigation is not just for comfort, but it also ensures that you are safe. You should also consider a car that allows for the installation of seat belt extenders that you can grab quickly.

Size Matters

To manage and prevent the pain associated with osteoarthritis of knee, you should go for a spacious car that gives you enough leg room where you do not feel cramped up. Check

reviews about specific cars that you intend to buy to understand the features they have, and whether they provide enough space that will allow you to move freely without having to push your seat too much.

Test for Comfort Before Buying

Take your time when buying your car, and if possible, do a physical test before purchasing. While other people have the luxury of ordering a vehicle and paying for it by merely relying on reviews, things are different for those with osteoarthritis. They have to test the cars to identify where they feel most comfortable in different positions.

You should not be in too much of a hurry to purchase. Buy only when you are convinced that you will be comfortable and safe in the car.

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