Two Windshield Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

  • nicole 

Taking the car to the dealer every time you need something fixed is expensive. Some maintenance tasks, such as replacing blades or refilling windshield wiper fluid, are simple. With a little guidance from blogs, friends, or online tutorials, you can repair, replace, or refill certain items which your car needs by yourself.

You know that your wiper blades are no longer functioning correctly if they streak when you press the button to set them in motion. Choose from economy blades or name brands at an auto parts store in your area. Keep in mind that the name brand is better for your vehicle because it will generally last longer. Follow the package instructions to install your new blades. Protect your windshield from cracking by firmly gripping the wiper arm to avoid it hitting the glass with blunt force.

Windshield wiper fluid is essential for safe driving. Keeping the window clean helps the driver to move from one destination to another with an unobstructed view. So, checking your wiper fluid levels when you fill up will help ensure that you’ve got plenty to spare. Just pop the hood. Be careful not to bring your arm or clothing near the cooling fans. Add fluid to the reservoir, if needed.

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