Why Buy a Hybrid?

  • nicole 

Hybrid cars undoubtedly offer drivers the best of both worlds. It’s the middle ground between the gas guzzling vehicles of the past and the electric vehicles which are more popular every year. If drivers are looking for ways to cut carbon emissions, save on fuel costs, and avoid congestion at charging stations, the hybrid may check all these boxes.

Hybrids still pollute the air, like any other vehicle. However, the car covers more miles, using less gas. Its average consumption is 38.7 miles per gallon (mpg), compared to 26.7 mpg for a gas only automobile. Fewer gallons of gas used means the car releases fewer carbon emissions.

For most hybrids, if the vehicle runs low on fuel, it can still operate on electric power. So consumers often believe that a hybrid is a better choice than a gas-only car. This presumption is not necessarily correct. While it is true that hybrids use less gas, averaging fuel savings of $2900 per year, some of the cars cost more to operate than a conventional automobile. Also, hybrids are generally higher in price. It may take years actually to see savings on a new hybrid purchase. However, as gas prices continue to increase, more buyers may purchase hybrid cars to save on gas.

Some areas have congestion problems at charging stations. Unless a solution is found, the situation is likely to get worse, because electric vehicle sales are growing every year. That’s why hybrids may fit the bill for those environmentally conscious consumers who don’t want to wait for car manufacturers and transportation agencies to build the infrastructure which meets the growing demand for electric vehicles.

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